Wheels Within Wheels, Nuts To Nuts

Greenwald got a Polk Award and all I got was lint in my belly button.

Say what you will about the messengers, the message is the medium. The latest reveal is just more confirmation of a fifteen year old internet suspicion dealing with the circumvention of law by the Five Eyes intelligence agencies, whom happen to miss everything important, like falling empires and airplanes. But they sure know how to piss on a parade.

As far as this goes politics is what politics does. Until this story broke Greenwals was pretty much being ignored by everyone. Most true believers are. It’s been a long road from “Unclaimed Territory” to where he is now. He used to be a lawyer, now having sunk to the new low of being a journalist from the height of blogger. Or something.

All in all it only advances the theory that the universe was sucked out of nothing by a huge vacuume which of course fell off of the moon. But the important point of all of this is the universe sucks and so does everything in it. Everything comes in with a bang and goes out in a blubber.

Update 1: Fixed feel to fell, and added an a.

Update 2: Fixed first link second link to not loop back.

Update 3: Reminds me of Glenn.

Update 4: Reminds me of me. Fixed second link not the first one.


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