Been A Long Time Since I Took That Stroll

I should be blogging more, but I’ve been busy with spring cleaning, shortly to begin spring mowing, and the fixing and painting that goes along with it. In short, all the mundane chores of life that fill our lives with small dreams that we realize as small victories. But when you reach a certain age you start dreaming big again, like what am I going to do with the rest of my life? Or as the wife of thirty plus years puts it, it’s like graduating from high school again. I had no intention of going to college, or the Navy for that matter, when I graduated from dear old Lakewood High, yet managed to do so, whereas she came from a family that had no doubts about her going on to college.

But that sort of stuff isn’t really that interesting to me when I read it, so it is rather hard for me to write about it. There are exceptions of course, I’ve enjoyed reading John’s troubles and travails, but he’s a nice guy, which most people aren’t. We just like to think of ourselves as being so. Which leads into the topic I’m actually writing about at the moment, the desires of the flesh. Now before you go getting all reactive to such a Biblical sounding phrase, it isn’t about sinning and throwing stones. Well it is, but not in the sense that we have become accustomed to around here, especially the throwing of stones part. Boy can I see Your faults! So that is taking a lot of time, because after all the bubble connecting there is the outlining and rough drafting before one actually have a piece of writing that says something without being as dull as George Will or Dave Brooks. (Gratuitous cheap shots, but they had it coming.)

That being said, light blogging ahead. In the meantime, zip your fly.


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