Don’t Shoot The Messenger

Again, Snowden only confirmed what many of us suspected. Now whether these policies and programs were put into action and implemented because of authoritarian overdrive or the overreaction of well intention people doesn’t matter,

“People in Washington don’t realize how serious feelings on this side of the Atlantic are,” argued one prominent European politician at a high-level private dinner here, hosted by the Atlantic Council to discuss technology issues. He predicted flatly that U.S. companies would lose an estimated $28 billion to $32 billion in revenues to European cloud-computing companies that will market “NSA-proof” data storage.

I deliberately excerpted the $Billions because that seems to be the only thing that really penetrates the American conscience, at least at the top. From those policies and programs we can discern land of the free and home of the brave to be bullocks. We hide behind the skirts of our bloated military.


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