Davos In A Mouse

Imma viralmaniac, or how things work and all I got was this sucky blog.

The question: What on earth is Upworthy doing so right? How is it that Upworthy’s articles shared a good order of magnitude more often than anybody else’s?

Part of the answer is that Upworthy simply doesn’t publish that many articles overall — a couple of hundred a month, each one carefully and laboriously optimized, through extensive A/B testing, to be as socially infectious as possible. But that doesn’t fully explain how Upworthy’s articles can be so much more viral. For that, Upworthy needs the help — either on purpose or inadvertent — of Facebook.

Facebook is the monster in the publishing room: a traffic firehose which can be turned on or off at Mark Zuckerberg’s whim. Right now, it’s turned on, and while a lot of sites are feeling the love none is doing so more than Upworthy. (Except, maybe, ViralNova.) So, how does Facebook give Upworthy such a big boost?

So what’s that got to do with DAVOS?

The heinous wealth divide was highlighted by an Oxfam report that found: “The world’s 85 wealthiest people have as much money as the 3.5 billion poorest people on the planet – half the Earth’s population.” This forced the issue onto the agenda of the world’s wealthiest when they attended the World Economic Forum in Davos

This reality is a threat to the elites because it explains the growing social unrest around the globe. As Oxfam chief executive Winnie Byanyima told a news conference: “It is staggering that, in the 21st century, half of the world’s population — that’s three and a half billion people — own no more than a tiny elite whose numbers could all fit comfortably on a double-decker bus.” The report also highlighted polls from around the world that showed the people know the wealth divide is created by rigged economies designed to funnel wealth to the top. The people know it is corruption that causes extreme wealth.

Algorithm invented the internet, but reducing the world to mathematics explains some similarities between disparate subjects, like how FaceBook is like the NSACIAFBIDEAFSBETCETC three letter agencies, and you’re like Bob Gates missing the fall of the Soviet Union and ordering up more nuclear weapons for the boss.

We have met the microwave and it is us.


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