Where’s Big Government When You Need It

Georgia’s blues

I’m not sure what exactly prompted that CNN chyron, but the mayor’s getting completely grilled on how he failed to wave his magic wand and clear the streets. I have no idea if there’s anything that could have realistically been done to improve the situation, but it’s amusing that when things go wrong suddenly Big Government is supposed to fix everything. Right after they cut your taxes.

Al Roker is correct in saying the storm was predicted, and so…. But having watched the catastrophe of the Hurricane Rita evacuation, when freeways out of Houston were parking lots, you do understand the logistical nightmare that comes with trying to get huge numbers of people out of harms way. The last hurricane evacuation went fairly smoothly, and I would imagine the next blizzard in Georgia will be handled more smoothly too. That being said, *Republican Governors.

But the reality of these events is sh!t happens. Even Forrest Gump know that.

* Obligatory cheap political shot.

Bi-partisan update: On the bright side, all those people missed the SOTU speech and Republican responses. And NCIS was a rerun.


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