Lack Of Jobs Leads To Lack Of Hard Work

Wealth declines as a result,

Fifty-seven percent of GOP voters said that a person is rich because “he or she worked harder than others,” while just 32 percent attribute it to advantages they enjoyed. The results are almost completely flipped among Democrats.

Overall, 51 percent of Americans said that people are wealthy due to advantages in life, while 38 percent said it had more to do with hard work.

This ties into this,

A new right-wing media narrative is brandishing out-of-context statistics on inherited wealth to argue that lower-income Americans are disproportionately benefiting from inherited wealth transfers, unlike the wealthiest Americans who earn their wealth with hard work.


I would say, based on experience in construction and information technology that 95% of all people work their asses off, assuming of course that management does too.

The difference here, with me, is that I make a positive assumption of management, and people in general, and don’t compare anyone else to myself and my efforts because you just don’t really know. Some individuals actually do carry the same two by four all day long to appear like they are doing something, and some people seem to disappear between whistles in construction, and some people do have a phone resting on their shoulder all day, and some managers are always on their way to a meeting, usually with another manager of the opposite sex. But these are the anomalies.

But I wouldn’t put too much stock in the assumptions of people whose sole purpose in life is to make assumptions about other people, whether by nature or, as in this case, it pays them some sort of dividend to make those sorts of assumptions.

If only life were that simple.


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