FOX Spying On Citoyens ??!!

Completely out of character,

The book’s more than 500 pages are filled with accounts of Ailes ruthlessly targeting his enemies (real or imagined). He threatened them. He berated them. In one chilling scene, a former employee recalled being tailed by investigators who were deployed by Ailes.

In an interview this week with TPM, Sherman talked about how he, too, may have been placed under surveillance by the Fox executive. Although he said he never saw evidence of such spying, the information came from a person he believed.

“I heard from a very credible source that Ailes had me followed in the summer of 2012 by private investigators,” Sherman told TPM. “And that fit with what many sources told me, that they suspected I was being followed and that my phone may be bugged.”

Not that the other networks would try and keep up with the competition, after all, (insert your Yada Yada here,) and “we luvs us some Murica!”


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