A Treasure Trove Of Change

In case you missed this from Slashdot,

jigamo writes

“The Verge reports on a new app from Slashdot co-founder Rob Malda, a.k.a. CmdrTaco, which aims to provide a user-powered and -curated stream of news. It’s called Trove, and it’s currently available on the web as well as iPhones and iPads. From the article: ‘Trove basically lets users opt in to feeds of stories that align with their interests. Users are encouraged to curate “troves,” collections of stories that relate to a particular theme.’ You can also read CmdrTaco’s announcement post.”

Worth going to for the link to Trove. I’m a little jaded about stuff right now, but I found the site to be interesting as far as feeds go, which is saying quite a bit.

What brings me to link that story up however is a post by Wemple at the Washington Post having to do with Bill Oh Really?, and his assertion of the news grazing of the American public, which Wemple debunks with some handy graphs at the bottom of the post, which finally gets to my point, which is that for a growing number of people, especially younger than myself, what passes for standard fare on television is just getting to be boring as hell.

I was wrong about long reads on the internet and blogs, an assertion I made a year or two ago, netizens will read them if they are informative and well written without a blatant political bias. But old foogies need to realize that people my age may still read the papers because that’s the only means of gathering information they are comfortable with, but for the majority of people, many my age, the castor oil political dose is anathema.

I get it that people don’t like stuff, but is there anything you do like, and why?


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