Why Richard Cohen Should Smoke Marijuana

Must be my day to pick on the Cohens, eh? Anyway Mr. Cohen has a piece up at the post which explains that smoking the herb would lead him to smoking cigarettes again,

Now the latest surgeon general’s report shows that cigarette smoking is even worse for us than we once thought. To all the usual diseases — lung cancer and heart disease — can be added diabetes, colorectal and liver cancers and, irony of ironies, erectile dysfunction. The Marlboro Man needs some help.

Now contrary to wishing Mr. Cohen a shorter life, what I’m thinking is if he had to get up from his writers perch and go outside and smoke a cigarette he would derive the health benefits of moving around a bit as this piece in the Post suggests, prolonged sitting is worse for you than cigarette smoking. Going outside to smoke a cigarette for 8 hour sitters then, is beneficial. (You could probably sneak a doob in Rich.)

Anyway, all in good fun, read the links, but don’t take my advice, after all, I’m on my way outside to sit in a lawn chair and smoke a cigarette, no doobs allowed.


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