“We Leave That To The FBI”

And “we contract that out to local PD bagmen

There is no evidence that the N.S.A. has implanted its software or used its radio frequency technology inside the United States. While refusing to comment on the scope of the Quantum program, the N.S.A. said its actions were not comparable to China’s.

Ignorance is a double edged sword, too also.

That line is the same song and dance as Clapper and Alexander two stepped on Congressional oversight, overlook, claiming that one program wasn’t deployed under one specific authority, while the activity took place under a different authority using a variation of the program name. Even journalist can figure it out, but they probably deploy the same technology – lots of money and the QT – to do the same thing, having snoopers disease just like the three letter boys. They can’t rat out the government or the government will toss their asses in jail. That stuff only happens in Britain, doncha know.

Work on the assumption that whatever is revealed is being deployed domestically as well as against foreign targets. Omerta is what omerta does.


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