Maybe NSA Should Try Harder Then

I’m not entirely unsympathetic to the goal,

While Inglis conceded in his NPR interview that at most one terrorist attack might have been foiled by NSA’s bulk collection of all American phone data – a case in San Diego that involved a money transfer from four men to al-Shabaab in Somalia – he described it as an “insurance policy” against future acts of terrorism.

“I’m not going to give that insurance policy up, because it’s a necessary component to cover a seam that I can’t otherwise cover,” Inglis said.

I’m not sure I need insured against a bridge falling on my head.

The facts are that, at some point, another terroristic attack will occur, just like we discovered in Boston, at approximately the same time as the NSA and other three letter counter terrorism agencies, and the insurance policy Mr. Inglis wishes us to concede to the agency, has no indemnity.

Mr. Inglis’ position is in fact illogical.


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