This World Of Mine

I think I’ve written about how the mirrored balls in discos reminds me that the many faces of God are reflected in the faces of humans, and in that respect the people behind those faces are in the image of God, a complexity as great as the universe itself, and so a marvel to be loved because understanding was beyond my reach. I am honored to live in a time when the diversity of human race could be displayed in all of its facets.

Perhaps with corporate and government spying so unambiguously up our wazoo they will learn something of all of this, and we as well. I have to admit to writing specifically for an American audience, and have used cultural metaphors that in no way reflect my thinking about those nations and peoples, but to reflect the thinking of some of my fellow citizens back at them in a way that is unambiguous to Americans, but being negative, may be misunderstood by you as being negative about yourselves. But at this level of nuance you should I think clearly understand that I have my hands full understanding my own nation, and my own people, so as to say things to some of them that hopefully hit the bone.

That being said, how’s your asses anyway?


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