Secretary Gates, and the lost Cod Piece

Or something. I could be wrong, which even Secretary Gates may concede I would hope, is good for all but Mr. Gates, whom sits on the shoulder of Secretary of Defense Gates, when he was such, but now former, and is shocked, dismayed and such by Presidential politics, by Hill and Barry, but not of landing on aircraft carriers at taxpayers expense, declare Mission Accomplished, which if only we had known, meant the sacking of Iraq and the US Treasury.

That is if I can infer the meaning of Mr. Blake’s Post post to mean such, about Secretary Gates book, which as anticipated makes me ask myself if I should buy the Secretary’s book and see for myself, or more likely, not pay much attention to the political observations of Mr. Gates anymore now than I ever have.

As I recall finding his work, former Secretary of Defense Gates has proved himself to be an excellent administrator of such a large undertaking, and as best as I can recall, as straightforward in his analysis as he could be, given his position. I also thought he would be good for Defense when Barry chose him because of the continuity in war policy required for President Obama to get up to speed and make informed decisions on war policy.

Obviously he wasn’t going to follow Mr. Bush’s policy having run against it. This was the time when Presnit Bush confronted a collapsing economy in the last months of his term, and called both parties candidates to the White House to discuss the abyss.

Because President Obama had to deal with a financial meltdown leading to the economic collapse, President Bush gave a good hand off so hats off to him on that. Again, this also required time and effort to grasp, and then Republican’s decided it was more patriotic to sabotage a President involved in two wars and an economic melt down, than it was to quit being obstructionists of the people’s will, which had elected the President, President. No politics there, sir.


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