The Older I Get

The more rude the children become. This exposition at dKos doesn’t deal with age, but with the alienation of certain segments of the white population, which is worth a look see. It covers a lot of historical ground in Europe, pre WWII as well, but this line struck me as most useful to understanding many different things,

These white nationalists cling to an imagined definition of what America once was—an America that valued them because of the one thing no one can take from them: their whiteness. They fear that if America is not “white” then they will be second-class citizens.

I grew up in America, I imagine, where the customer was always right, and respecting your elders was sacrosanct, two things which I now imagine no longer hold true.

I am blessed with both time and inclination to study perceptions. It is the curse of discovering that you are a babe in the woods on most things, until examined, at which point they reveal there is no singular there there, but many theres everywhere. The classic four eyewitnesses to any given car accident, meets up with the who is involved in the accident and how the police investigator feels and perceives the actors involved. Most of us see what we expect to see, and what we want to see, in the here and now. It is imaginary too, even if 99% of i t is concrete and agreeable to 99% of the people observing any action, it is incomplete. This is where politicians and the powers that be make their playgrounds, filling in the missing 1% of information with their opinions of just what that 1% might be, and hence, what that means to the over all understanding of said accident. They replace your imagination with their own. If you’re not one of the four eyewitnesses then all sorts of revisions of facts start happening and that effort is called history. And we learn that history too is fact, and so collectively we know something, except the facts.

But just to set minds at ease, Leave It To Beaver America really did exist, for half an hour, once a week, until it was cancelled when Wally and Beaver became teenagers and television could no longer portray the ideal American teenager, since no one, not even teenagers, knew what that missing 1% was, only what it wasn’t, and that was Wally and Beaver Cleaver.

A couple of edits for clarity were made


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