Particle, Wave, And Fields

individuals, organizations, and movements. Simple, no?

So what’s on Gartners mind, you ask?

Gartner has issued a report: Gartner Top Predictions 2014: Plan for a Disruptive, but Constructive Future. The report mentions the future of the protest and resistance movement and its impact on IT businesses. They see “a bartering based (sub) society” and the resurrection of “initiatives like Occupy Wall Street but on a much larger scale.” Gartner “flags” for the near-term that: “A larger-scale version of Occupy Wall Street-type movement will begin by the end of 2014, indicating that social unrest will start to foster political discussion.” And, they also flag: “By 2015, traditional paid jobs will be replaced by bartering-based systems and voluntary roles in such areas as patient care.” They warn companies not to be seen as the “culprit” that is “driving these labor effects.” They warn that there could be a “backlash in the form of buyer strikes, labor unrest and increased scrutiny of owner and executive compensation.” They urge executives to change their mindset “to start thinking in terms of participating instead of winning, giving the idea of sustainability a whole new meaning.” Further, the warn that “the old economic mechanics and models are leading to undesired effects and consequences (in participation, allocation and enumeration). . . .”

*HT Now, aside from the point that it would make Dave Brooks more palatable if he remembered the structure of essays in the title, let me hop skip and jump to the war on terra,

It is discouraging to hear media people marvel that there apparently was no AQ connection to the Benghazi attacks. It has always been true that Sunni jihadism is a movement rather than a group. Get it? pl

Got it.


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