I Wasn’t Paranoid

I am observant.

Just the other day the electricity went out in two houses, or more accurately meters. I know this from going to the provider and transmission companies sites. Using an alternative network to do so also leaves a unique ID in that ISP/telco database, which helps them identify that laptop on any subsequent network. This refers in particular to the Chromebook I discussed earlier, and as such, negates that advice for this particular Chromebook.

The lesson, I suppose, is obvious if you’re up to no good, or a three-letter boy hoping that no one notices the methodology and blogs it up.

I hear the FBI has issued an advisory for nefarious individuals carrying annotated Farmer’s Almanacs. Not sure which particular one they are referring to, nor am I sure that they are either. This theater is supposed to make me safer. It might also cost me 12 buck to buy one too, just so I can stick it to the man.

No matter, eventually another terrorist will slip through the vast national security surveillance state’s armor and there isn’t a damned thing that this stuff can do to prevent it, but it does make the piss pant patriots feel like the government is on the job. After that, Joe Six Pack will watch TV and read in the newspapers all of the reason we need to invade some country or another, and away we go, never noticing that all the spy craft and craftiness has been humongous waste of time and resources, all in the name of keeping America free, while deprive it of that same thing. You would think the NSA could have informed the Russians, also a very civilized government, about the current attacks, but given the volume of that, it will be six weeks until hindsight reveals the dots, as hindsight so often does. Obviously removing the center of sight from the hindside would be a good start, but what do I know, I’m just a blogger. You have credentials!

I really can’t imagine why I think that sometimes I’m living in the stupidest country on Earth, but then with declining understanding of the theory of evolution, I join the rest of the world in doing so. I hesitate to say belief in the theory of evolution, although the similarity to belief in God are striking. One could argue they are the same thing, if they understood either one fairly well, which of course is not possible in America at this time because of, what? Benghazi! or something.


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