Death By 30,000 Days

Facebook is dead, long live Facebook

Facebook is ‘dead and buried’ to older teenagers, an extensive European study has found, as the key age group moves on to Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and Snapchat.

Researching the Facebook use of 16-18 year olds in eight EU countries, the Global Social Media Impact Study found that as parents and older users saturate Facebook, its younger users are shifting to alternative platforms.

Well that’s prophetic. How accurate it will be in ten years remains to be seen, but as a platform it will continue to evolve as users needs evolve.

But I would venture to say that if youngsters want to keep up with their parents and that’s where their parents are then there they shall prove to be as well. It may take twenty years, and I make no claim to know what forty somethings with kids are doing as far as social mediums go, but my kids know that I will always answer the land line phone but rarely check the emails, comments sections even less so.

Young adults, and late teens to some extent, are busy establishing themselves both in occupational and as individuals, which leaves the oldsters as hanging participles, tolerated if slightly used, but bad grammar if done all the time.

Is the Internet leading to troll headlines? Not like I do here, where the title is usually intrinsic to the entire thought, or finishes the sentence the title box is too small to contain without it making the posted post looking like a bimbo. But the ones I’m thinking of are such as at the link which asks a question of readers, and a completely different one of some interviewed, much like asking if your pet rock is psychic as a lead in to cooking cabbages.

As for the ubiquitous year-end hooliganism of lists, what can I say without endangering civil discourse?


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