When Diplomacy Fails

And there is no war

At Consortium News, Robert Parry writes Obama’s Not-so-Terrible Year. An excerpt:

…The mainstream U.S. news media has mostly chalked up Obama’s diplomacy with Syria and Iran as evidence of his “failures”—part of the meme about his disastrous year—but these moves could be seen as important achievements, indeed historic successes.

I have to admit to some weariness at parsing explanatory essays, except my own I suppose, which inevitably are also persuasive essays in line with any given authors point of view. This is the point of writing your own persuasive and explanatory essay, which I mention only for the reminder of why people write, to those who do not. A lot of writing is inevitably written for other writers to read, although I suppose we tend to think of a certain, and different, generic audience when we are in the process of doing so, for the most part writers read and readers are writers, while the majority of our fellow beings do neither.

At any rate, Parry’s essay is worth the time to read, and given the NSA story, so is McGoverns, which Parry links, if only for the historical side notes that any informed person should be aware of. The articles can also be found, for the timid through a non Google proxy and server, a tool that I admittedly haven’t used too awfully much, and less in conjunction with another proxy service, although on occasion it does occur to me to encrypt the entire Echelon list and email it through multiple proxies to my various accounts, and spam those of yours I’ve collected over the years, just to stick it to the man.

While I’m in a good mood, this post is also worth a look, if only because it that rare breed of blog post that isn’t griping about something, or extolling the virtues of cats and dogs. World+dog knows that only my dogs and cats are worth a rats ass. Or something. Yet I digress. Meanwhile back at the ranch,

This episode of John Quiñones’ What Would You Do is telling. It shows the basic goodness of people and that real prejudice may be abating. It shows that more and more folks are willing to stand up for fairness.

There was one disconcerting point made evident in the exercise. It really demonstrates a flaw in a large party of humanity. It is the fear of standing up and bucking what one believes is the prevailing thought.

This brings us round about back to Manning and Snowden, two whistle blowers I have different opinions of, although favorable with different caveats. Journalist are always hoping to break the big story, they just don’t want to take the heat that gets generated in doing so, as the whistle blowers and publishers of whistles blown are apt to incur, or they are afraid of becoming pompous asses like Woodward, who despite being over paid, is still woefully unrecognised as a pompous ass.

So you get three links to worthwhile stuff, all for free, excluding insults past and those to come, for having the temerity to waste your time with my scribblings. You really should get a dog or cat.


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