No Matter What Obama Does, The NSA And Other Intelligence Agencies Will Keep Doing What They Are Doing Now

Piss pants patriotism will keep the approval ratings up until the current crisis fades completely away, Constitutional buggery being far less important than the religious beards in caves, and on the bayous. Americans would rather be free to be trash than free to be men, and the media outlets that deliver garbage will continue to pump us full of the patriotic diuretics until America becomes one happy outhouse of freedom and liberty without a trace of either.

Aside from the public, the agencies keeping us safe to be good little Germans and do as we are told not as we think, or the Constitution allows, will become even more creative in circumventing common decency and Constitutional and legislative restrictions, continue to use the Five Eyes and other “allies” intelligence services to keep us free, like Museum Freeman, to be kept safe by themselves.


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