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ABC News fell for it again, publishing a “scoop” from Issa about the security threats in Obamacare that they then had to update to reflect the fact that Issa hadn’t given them the whole story. Here’s Benen:

To be sure, that sounds alarming, but we’ve seen plenty of reports based on leaked partial transcripts, “obtained” by news organizations from Darrell Issa’s office, most of which turn out to be misleading – or completely false.

So I checked in with Democrats on the House Oversight Committee, who said “key details” from Teresa Fryer’s transcript “were omitted” before it was leaked to ABC. It’s true that security testing uncovered a recent vulnerability, but Issa’s leak left out relevant facts: there have been no security breaches, the vulnerability was identified and fixed, and Fryer sees the security measures in place as “best practices above and beyond what is usually recommended.”

If the healthcare reform act is so bad you’d think no one would have to stretch the truth. You would of course be wrong that no one would do that.

I hope Issa shopped at Target,


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