Doing The Right Thing Makes You A Rat

The whistle blowers blues.

According to one former NSA employee, that’s a lesson that the NSA has resisted learning for much of the last decade. Jarrel Nowlin was fired by the agency in 2010 after losing his clearance, and he told Ars in a series of phone interviews and e-mail exchanges that he filed a complaint with the NSA’s inspector general in 2006 over data sharing that he believed violated federal law. Nowlin also filed complaints that NSA employees were sharing access credentials for accounting systems and that employees were sharing data with contractors that allowed them to adjust bids for further work to win new work. Those complaints apparently fell on deaf ears.

Not much you can do with lateral employee perceptions, as the article points out if you make something too difficult to do then employees will find a work around to get their jobs done, so a whistle-blower basically is ratting them out, and you know, those people have to eat too.

Management doesn’t need the asymmetrical hassle that comes with sorting that stuff out so it tends to be ignored with the hopes that it will go away, or punished because a team player would rather follow the rules than follow the pack.

From this I demand transparency.

But what can you expect in universe that is a hologram? Speaking of which, I think it is projectors all the way down.


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