Yeah, And It Should Be Able To Wash And Fold Clothes Too

Or something,

The White House has released a statement on the report, which President Obama discussed this morning in a meeting with board members Richard Clarke, Michael Morell, Geoffrey Stone, Cass Sunstein and Peter Swire. “This meeting offered President Obama an opportunity to hear directly from the group’s members and discuss the thinking behind the 46 recommendations in their report,” the statement reads:

The President noted that the group’s report represented a consensus view, particularly significant given the broad scope of the members’ expertise in counterterrorism, intelligence, oversight, privacy and civil liberties. The President again stated his expectation that, in light of new technologies, the United States use its intelligence collection capabilities in a way that optimally protects our national security while supporting our foreign policy, respecting privacy and civil liberties, maintaining the public trust, and reducing the risk of unauthorized disclosure.

Speaking of tool time,

Feinstein got Krass to say she disagreed with a federal judge’s opinion on Monday that the NSA’s bulk surveillance of US phone data was likely unconstitutional. Krass, who would have a limited ability to oversee that program at CIA but likely has insight into it through her Justice Department role, disputed Judge Richard Leon’s assessment that such constitutional protections surround that data.

“I have a different view about the Fourth Amendment,” Krass said.

Feinstein said she agreed with Krass, but said no one on the committee wished to contravene the constitution, urging the Supreme Court to settle the issue.

Furthermore, Carthage must be destroyed.


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