What Is Truth?

It’s OK when we do it.

A decent respect for the opinions of mankind is just soooooooo yesterday.

In a piece making the obvious comparison between fugitive spy Robert Seldon Lady and accused Espionage fugitive Edward Snowden, Tom Englehardt writes off the press silence about presumed American assistance to Lady in fleeing an international arrest warrant as the reality of being the sole superpower.

This version of how it all works is so much the norm in Washington that few there are likely to see any contradiction at all between the Obama administration’s approaches to Snowden and Lady, nor evidently does the Washington media.

I have to wonder when people, of whatever nation, actually started believing what the American government says instead of what they do.

It is doubtful that the Constitution could have been debated and formed in open sessions of the Continental Congress and then have been ratified. We should not be too surprised that the function follows the form.

Snowden’s biggest crime was economic, not political. I doubt seriously that other nations are fooled, or have been fooled, by the rhetoric coming out of DC. They have no compelling necessity to BS themselves and their people as our government has in BSing us, or we do ourselves. ( We did it for the children.)

States have interests. Not friends, not principles.

There will be a lot less lucre because of Snowden, because now the world knows that American companies are pretty easily squeezed by the government if it so chooses to do so, and like many Americans, will no longer wish to have business dealings with them. Their governments however will not be so free to act as they are, for they are privy to many more aspects of American soft power than we the people, much less their own citizens.

That Wall Street emerged relatively unscathed from 2008 shows where the true influence on politics lays, and the fact that Stuxnet, extraordinary renditions, torture et al are not prosecuted but Snowden is is remarkable only if you believe this is a nation of laws. That is only true when it is in the interest of those in power.  For the most part however that is only dragon eggs roasting on an open fire.

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