The US Media In Action

Pretty concise history of the CIA, US Media, well, all that jazz. I really don’t think this is a unique American media characteristic. Most of us oldsters are pretty much aware of this, and the media bias and insider games they play.

I’m not sure if the CIA still gets 80% of its’ intelligence from reading the foreign presses, but it has been my experience that if you want to know what’s happening with America you ought to follow the CIA’s lead on this one.

I highly recommend the FAIR piece for the historical perspective, and you can throw them some change if you’ve got it. The Balloon Juice piece only re-enforces what we’ve either always known, or what you younger people have always suspected.

But let’s be realistic about journalism and telling the story too. Most people in power aren’t interested in being exposed when they screw up, and they have the means to exact a pound of flesh from those journalists and publications that do so. It became a feed back loop I think, and when younger journalist came along the game was already corrupted so what they are doing is just business as usual.

The journalists that couldn’t play that game are on the alternative media outlets, which is where I get most of my straight up reporting. That doesn’t mean there isn’t straight up reporting being done by the majors, I think there is. But when it comes to national security, or the conventional wisdom of the power brokers in DC, we don’t ever get the story.


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