Milbank, The Bizarro Liberal

Dana Milbank informs Green Lantern fans that his head is immune to the superhero’s power,

On June 18, Van Jones gave a hard-hitting speech to progressive activists in which he praised the Occupy movement while chiding the older, more established iterations of left-wing activism for abandoning the cause because of disappointment in President Barack Obama. But if you read Dana Milbank’s coverage in the Washington Post, you’d think precisely the opposite had happened. In a piece representing either the worst of lazy-reporter hackery or outright dishonesty, Milbank wrote that Jones used his speech to slam the Occupy movement — a false charge if there ever was one. (Video of Jones’ speech appears at the end of this post.)

And then at least 17 other newspapers across the nation picked up Milbank’s column, spreading a false narrative that, three days later, the Washington Post has yet to correct.


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