Knock Me Over With A Feather Sunday

I was surprised this morning by the bobble heads, who actually put on some pretty impressive work, at least the little that I was able to see. I have got out of the habit of watching them every Sunday, but today it was a shame that they compete, but I thought the political debate on MTP was nearly as interesting as the policy debate on This Week.

I think MTP sort of highlighted the problem of trying to have a policy discussion with political operatives, but that is also the nature of the beast. My own biases tend to incline me towards the left and the policy wonks, and so the round table on This Week was just really good.

I’m not real practiced at writing positive reviews, so I won’t mar this feeble effort with my forte.

That being said 60 Minutes was worth every minute. I thought the CIA guy was doing the CYA two step, but like the lady said, without the full documentation a journalist can’t make a call between the CIA’s and FBI’s version of the enhanced interrogation aka torture of various suspects, although the CIA guy admitted that some mistakes were made, which is a nice way of saying we tortured innocent people, along with torturing guilty people, and that somehow the ends justified the means. If you go with the FBI’s version, then it was just a waste of cruelty.

The second story  was worth the time too, but then when you’ve been hooked this stuff tends to become more interesting 

In the battle against addiction, “just say no” is magical thinking, says Dr. Nora Volkow. She’s the head of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, and after spending decades studying the brains of addicts, Dr. Volkow has determined that drug addiction is a chronic disease that physically changes the brain. Dr. Volkow has found that even images of an addictive substance, such as alcohol or drugs, can produce a dopamine response in an addict’s brain, and some foods can trigger a similar reaction. Morley Safer reports on Volkow’s revolutionary research into addiction, as well as on her revolutionary family history.

I wished I could have caught Face the Nation. No offense Bob, just life. Anyway, that’s the way I saw it today. YMMV.

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