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Small Government Keystone


But though the project exists in a state of suspended animation, TransCanada — the company that wants to connect the tar sands in Alberta to the Gulf of Mexico — is preparing to build anyhow. In particular, on the portion of the pipeline that would link Nebraska to Texas, TransCanada has threatened to use disputed eminent domain powers to condemn privately held land, over the owners’ objections. And that’s creating unusual allies — Occupiers, Tea Partiers, environmentalists, individualists — united to stop TransCanada from threatening water supplies, ancient artifacts, and people’s basic property rights.

Worth a read.

Deep Thought

Dumb asses sitting on couches in front of TV cameras probably aren’t people who should talk about lazy people looking for the easy way out.

Hormones Will End The Housing Glut

If those pesky aspirin don’t get in the way.

Buffett helped cause the housing crisis through his massive ownership stake in Moody’s (he is the single largest shareholder), and he profited immensely from the government bailouts. His assertions that the financial crisis was an “economic Pearl Harbor” was a similarly self-serving explanation that diverted attention from a crisis resulting from events he helped shape to some sort of external causation. He is now profiting from legal and regulatory forbearance against entities he owns. If Wells or BofA were held accountable for their systemic abuse of the property rights system through foreclosure fraud, or if they were forced to reserve against second liens more accurately, it’s unlikely they would be good investments. On the other hand, if that were to happen, we could begin to fix our housing market.

Update:Previously posted remark redacted according to Internet rule 34. Regular posting will resume after proper chastisement is administered and contrition is assured.

This Ain’t No Way To Run A Railroad

Fortunately it’s a blog.

More Things

That go under reported here, Everyone’s heard of the Stratfor emails being released by Anonymous to WikiLeaks, here’s the who’s who that will have them.

Globally, Wikileaks says it’s working with more than 25 media partners at first publication, with more to be announced. Media partners announced so far include Al Akhbar (Lebanon), Al Masry Al Youm (Egypt), Bivol (Bulgaria), CIPER (Chile), Dawn Media (Pakistan), L-Espresso and La Republica (Italy), La Jornada (Mexico), La Nacion (Costa Rica), Malaysia Today (Malaysia), McClatchy and Rolling Stone (US), Nawaat (Tunisia), NRD/ARD (Germany), Owni (France), Pagina 12 (Argentina), Plaza Publica (Guatemala), (Spain), Russia Reporter, Ta Nea (Greece), Taraf (Turkey), The Hindu (India), The Yes Men (Bhopal activists) and the New Zealand Herald (New Zealand).

Pretty big pinch, but sometimes you gotta do what other won’t.

Inside Khamenei’s Head

What’s going on in Iran?

The ultimate loser, voices of the diaspora sustain, is true Iranian democracy – as in the foundation for the country’s ability to resist empire. Especially now, after the immensely dodgy 2009 presidential election and the repression of the Green movement. Even former supporters swear the Islamic Republic is now neither a “republic” – nor “Islamic”.

Originally in Asia Times this Pepe Escobar piece links to the Ayatollah’s page. YMMV, but Bibi seems to have no trouble getting his views out here in the States.

Faux Sham Foosball

It could never happen here,

According to court documents filed by victims of hacking, the newspaper publisher allegedly produced an email deletion policy in November 2009 the aim of which was to “eliminate in a consistent manner” emails “that could be unhelpful in the context of future litigation”.

Sounds almost presidential.

The Most Busted Name In News. (You should see the ones that got away)

A Plot To Make Ralph Reed Look Like A Dumbass

Rolling the dice

DETROIT — Are clever Democratic activists really going to cost Mitt Romney his home state on Tuesday? Or is the grassroots plan to use Michigan’s open primary as a means to humiliate the candidate most see as the biggest threat to President Obama in the fall just a red herring?

Romney’s allies aren’t worried. Democrats and Obama’s campaign aren’t getting involved. And yet, activists they just might pull this thing off.

Keeping to a theme, from the horses ass,

But I digress. Back to his speech in front of those Florida Republicans:

“There is nothing they will not do to win an election,” Reed said. “This guy is as tough and as mean and as cynical as any politician you’ll ever see. There is nothing he’s not willing to do.”

Between you and me Ralph, I think Obama will start paying attention what I say before he does so with you. Of course I could be wrong, after all, I’m just a blogger.

I’ll Have One By 2022

Thanks to all the support I get from you,

iPad owners are far more likely to be able to claim they are considerably richer than you, a study of the thickness of tablet fondlers’ wads has revealed.

Fortunately I can do most of what I need with my Kindle.

Feeding Horses To Apples

Catchy eh?

Security watchers warned on Friday that a new variant of a Mac-specific password-snatching Trojan horse is spreading in the wild.

Mac security specialist Intego warns that the variant is infecting Mac users and spreading in the wild. Symptoms of infection can include the crashing of browsers and web applications, such as Safari and Skype.

Intego, which has added detection for the malware, has a write-up of the attack with a screenshot of the self-signed certificate used by the malware in action.

Links of course are at the Reg.

Now You Know

Get on the world wide ball,

Social media sites have become the internet for many people. Corporate presence on Facebook is the be-all and end-all of corporate discoverability to a certain segment of the population. Even if you have your own webpage, they’ll only ever find that page if it is linked to in some fashion through Facebook.

We four are the last of die hards. If you want to swim in the sea you have to join the school of fish.


Twitter, Reddit and others have become product search and feedback appliances for millions. Unsure which widget or bobbin to buy, they punch the contenders into the social media search boxes and see what the hive mind has to say. App stores too are an important avenue of corporate visibility. Being the first in your market to figure out how to make an app for that can give you a slight edge and a sense of novelty. Being among the last enables only irrelevance and eventual doom.

Wanted to be fair to all of the sites I haven’t logged into for years.


I have watched all of the Downton Abbey episodes. No, I am not a big fan of soap operas.

Gibbs needed to slap Matthew on the back of the head before the war, and Matthew who is really Tom should have talked to Harry Pierce who would have black mailed the PM and sprung the valet.