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Don’t Forget To Flush

The washing of hands part you got down cold.

“I’m doing it because I hate pile-ons,” Carlson wrote. “I can’t stand to listen to one more self-righteous windbag denounce him as evil when, as anyone who lives here knows, what he did is hardly out of the ordinary for Washington.

“And in any case, unlike most of the many people here who deserve it, Abramoff actually served his time, quite a bit of it. So in a small way, I hope this party serves as a well-earned middle finger to the various breast-beaters, professional reformers and other holier-than-thou whiners who make this city less fun to live in,” Carlson continued.

Emphasis mine.

Sheesh. Whata maroon.

There Is No Reason In Villainy

Nor is there any reasoning with villains. It then becomes a question of opposing or acquiescing to villains and villainy. Is it right or wrong to do so? For villainy is nothing more than the act of being depraved, deviating from what is considered moral or right or proper or good. By this definition we advance the proposition that the financial elite of America are depraved, or villains, because their behavior fits the definition of the term. It is neither moral, or right, or proper or good. It is also, on its’ face, a moral judgment. It may be said to be moral and proper, since it was legal, and so it may be disputed as to whether it is also depraved. The results are in my opinion evidence enough of whether it was proper or good, for it was not.

It is by this same criteria that I opposed the invasion of Iraq, and supported the NATO operation in Libya. This of course is but one facet of the issues at hand, yet it is only by moral certitude that any war of a democracy can be fought. It is why, IMHO, operations in Afghanistan were impossible to stop. Those who mislead the public to believe that what they wish to do is moral or right or proper or good knowing otherwise are depraved.

I do not accept, that in any of the mentioned cases. I have had a callous disregard for human life, or dignity, which those whom I choose to oppose I judge to have.

All Your Tokens Are Belong To Us

Probably just a misunderstanding.

The data breach disclosed in March by security firm RSA received worldwide attention because it highlighted the challenges that organizations face in detecting and blocking intrusions from targeted cyber attacks. The subtext of the story was that if this could happen to one of the largest and most integral security firms, what hope was there for organizations that aren’t focused on security?

Please don’t use this post as a weapon of mass disruption. I should file this under, “While Nero marched, Rome churned.”

When The Saints Go Marching In

It’ll be a short parade.

Just To Be Clear

I have seven to ten go to newspaper sites, but for the most part I get almost all of my news and in-depth reporting from the blogs and alternative media outlets.

Libya: Beyond The Moral & Ethical Retards

Digby links to a series of investigative reports, probably YA knowing Digs, that are worth reading. They touch on the humanitarian appeals of Mohamed Nabous, a blogger that was killed by Libyan forces entering Benghazi.

If one were really interested in American interests, not only in in Libya, this would be a good place to begin creating a logic and flow chart, given the rather small role Libya plays in our national interests on a global scale. You will begin to understand why Americans are uninformed, and maybe why the media doesn’t even try to cover these things, so that guys like Graham and Kerry can be the experts, “what are in charge,” while bearing in mind yesterdays post on experts I would hope.

Try building a similar flow chart on Britain, France, Germany, Russia or China. Make it easy on yourself and do one on Israel or Egypt. This isn’t the sort of thing you are going to find in television reporting, which may deserve its’ own flow chart, or on the front page of your daily newspaper. If the governments of the various states can’t afford to educate their people then one should hardly expect a for profit company to be able, or willing, to do so either.

So you get humanitarian reasons, or preservation of American power in the region, catch alls that condense complexity into memorable phrases. That is the terrain we operate on, even in the blogosphere.

In corrupt nations, including the United States, you replace one set of assholes with another that hopefully isn’t as corrupted as the previous one. It is a long way back to a virtuous government when corruption flows into DC like the Potomac into the sea. We have a media that at least sees and reports on the bigger lumps in the sewer, but don’t expect any effort to be made towards redemption, which would require admission of errors, for what is not to be accepted in any individual is surely to be abhorred in the group.

Lindsay Graham may be the most honest politician in America, at least he wears his immorality on his sleeve.

Écrasez l’Infame

$1.1 trillion in Pentangle fraud. Now, that’s what I’m talking about. It isn’t just systems that don’t work, or enemies that don’t exist.

The Arithmetic Of Reading And Writing

I found these two posts interesting, this one links to a Sam Harris post, about making money writing, which I think may become a historical anomaly, given the history of writing and readership, authors should also have a source of income. This post links to de Boer’s post on the blogosphere which is pretty accurate IMHO. Not too far a fetch to Google+’s circles either.

The last of sorts leads into this article by Daniel Kahneman: a rather interesting look at expert opinions, which Brooks also links too, which quote

They also figured out ways to navigate around our shortcomings. Kahneman champions the idea of “adversarial collaboration” — when studying something, work with people you disagree with. Tversky had a wise maxim: “Let us take what the terrain gives.” Don’t overreach. Understand what your circumstances are offering.

Lao Tzu couldn’t have said it any better. If you read the excerpt then you’ll understand why I’ll probably buy the book, because it does have a nice flow, but one could ascertain that from the Second Punic War as well. When one seeks to form a government then one may rightfully I think work on the hypothesis that mankind is a rationale being, but one cannot overlook the trait of being irrational at some point in our lives, and our being caught out at that point is when another persons makes their luck.

That is the art of reading, knowing that you are inclined to read into things, what you wish to read. It is a function of human communication to do so too, I suppose. It happens verbally all the time, I suppose, but that may be why we find something we overlooked every time we reread a book.

I Suppose I Should Say Something About Current Events

Consider it done. There really isn’t much to say about the end of things, is there?

Breaking News! A Man & Two Women Claim To Have Found Jobs!

Unconfirmed reports of three people finding jobs are crossing the news desk.

Occupy The Long Game

The best thing about free advice is it can be ignored, but I would like to point out some things to the crews in the streets and those behind the lines that they need to also be considering how various reforms they are advocating are to be implemented by whichever nation they are living in. The American system is by design resistant to rapid change, due to the fact that historically changes to the Constitutions of nations previous to our own have had unforeseen consequences, much like wars I suppose,

Debt relief and economic reform are as old as the concept of nations, from Moses’ Jubilee, to the Athenian reforms of Solon and those of the Roman republic, which endured for nearly seven hundred years before the usurpation of the Caesars. This is neither a new concept nor lacking in historical or strategic wisdom, so it is only a modern deficit in thinking that is preventing those reforms from being initiated in our own time. Obviously, it is counter intuitive to the wealthy how these reforms also preserve the wealth of the upper classes. I have no explanation for other peoples ignorance, only my own, and only one solution to ignorance wherever it manifests itself, education.

While criticism is inevitable, consider the sources and the motivations of it before reacting to it out of hand. People within and without the movement are going to do and say many off the wall things, to put it politely, most of them, critics in particular and people in general, are pro-creative in the head.

The press loves to swim in the sewer and then appear on dry land to proclaim their personal superiority to yourselves. Ask them as many questions as they ask you, and answer half as often as they do. You’re already the story, you already will be reported on, so there is no need for giving people reasons to dislike you, or bring you down a peg. Like snakes I suppose, some of the press are vipers, so respect that, but don’t fear them. Truth and honesty are a big sticks, but if they run counter to conventional wisdom and mores, then slander and defamation of character are the sticks they will use on you. Keep your noses clean.

Have fun. Doing the right thing carries a joy all of its’ own, and may, other than the reforms themselves, be your only reward for the sacrifice you are making now, so do your best to make these days good memories in your old age. Humor and kindness deflect anger, so be peaceable with all people so long as it is in your power to be so.

Be strong and do not be afraid, for many are working and praying for your success. May the peace of God be with you, just as you show it to others.

added an it and is where necessary.

Once You Know That

What more can I say?

I would like to inform you dear reader that I am very busy, buried in the details of a forth coming bologospheric extravaganza, a veritable plethora of etherific wit and wisdom, an emporium of brilliant, and somewhat shiny, bubbling bobbles of intertubular bells, ringing in the new, ringing out the old, ringing around the posies ringing all the noses. Alas I cannot. For buried beneath the verbiage, and cornucopia of adjectivity I got nothin’.