Steady As She Goes

It was a toss up between that and, Kick It In The Ass, but Steady As She Goes won out,

Payroll employment is still 4.8% below the pre-recession peak.

This shows that the recovery in all indicators has been very sluggish compared to recent recessions.

Even if, as we all acknowledge, that Republicans are purposely hindering the economy to sabotage Obama , it has still shown surprising resilience in spite of their fiddling while the homeland burns.

Since I may not post a lot today, Mill had an interesting take on Mormonism didn’t he? I do wonder how he thinks society can enforce that which it has no contract to do, but that aside, still a very impressive essay. I suppose years of internet exposure may have taken some of the sting out of criticism of orthodox Christianity, which for the most part is accurate and should have spurred the orthodox on to better internalization of the faith, which it didn’t, which I think lends more credence to the main thrust of the entire.

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