They Never Write, They Never Call

Pseudonymousity has its’ perks. This of course is hilarious,

One basic characteristic of journalism is this: its content is not bought and paid for and directed by an advertiser. It might be vapid. It might be poorly written. It might be damn near worthless. But it’s not an advertisement.

Infallibility rears its’ fallible head, YA! The shady scheme part is interesting however.

I can understand the need of some for revenue to keep the blog going, pay bills etc, and I definitely understand the need for multiple contributors to other blogs. It really can chew up an inordinate amount of time and effort reading the aforementioned journalists along with that all to rare, thinking about stuff, which puts some bloggers into the realm of garden gnome activity.

All I can assure my readers of, is that whatever ideas you read here have been legitimately lifted from other writers, and the snark is genuine creativity, unless it is stolen from the archives of TBogg.

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