What’s Happening

I thought I should inform my dear, dear, two readers what is happening with the lower than usual output around here, although arguably the quality is improved, so that you didn’t think that I had decided to blow it all off. Close, but not quite. It isn’t the church ladying either.

I think at this point there really isn’t much need for my remarking on the Republicans tofu politics, If I were to remark on even Ryan’s speech I would note that it was a speech designed to kill time. Political what, without the why is just rhetoric. I’m not sure that everyone in politics either doesn’t know where we are and so has no idea where they wish to go from here, or they know where we are and do not wish to tell the people where they intend to go with the policies that they are proposing.

As far as Democratic politics goes, the masthead pretty much says it all.

I have thought to put Occupy Wall Street et al into perspective, using the Cartesian plane with left right on the X axis and the 99%/1% on the why axis since to my mind that is probably the closest analogy to the reality of any economic and political systems. As per habit, I suppose I also bend the thing into a sphere so that I can visualize the whole in as complex a manner as I perceive it actually is. I think it simplifies without over simplifying most human systems.

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