Monthly Archives: October 2009

Who Moved My Wii?

I do my best to see the humorous side of things.

Last night Dobbs and Cooper were discussing the CNN heroes, and the power that the network would confer on the winner to do even more good works if they won, which overlooks the boost from even being mentioned, and given the nature of the program, is a good all around. This morning it was also noted on another network that they didn’t mention a particular bakery because they didn’t get a freebie cake. So therein lies the crux.

When journalism moves away from journalism into the exercise of power, or manipulation of that power for personal or corporate gain, then it becomes an abuse of that power. It crosses the line from journalism into advocacy, from objectivity into subjectivity, and from empiricalism into emotionalism.

That’s the news. Emotionalism on steroids.