Momma Momma We’re All Ballon Boys Now

This is sort of hilarious,

THE NON-EXISTENT LINE BETWEEN DAYTIME AND PRIMETIME…. For various media figures derisive of the White House’s criticism of Fox News, there seems to be some confusion over the nature of the problem.

For much of the media establishment, Fox News and MSNBC are somehow bookends, one on the right; one on the left. The prior has Beck, O’Reilly, and Hannity; the latter has Schultz, Olbermann, and Maddow. Both are cable news networks with primetime commentators who bring a certain perspective to their political analysis. So, the establishment asks, what’s the big deal?

In the end everyone on TV is “on” when we the peeps see them, and personality and marketing go hand in hand, so that all television news has a component of manipulating the viewer into liking the personality of the presenters whomever they may be. It isn’t a matter of trusting television any more, but of liking the presenters who present what you want to see and hear. This includes using the young and the nubile to attract the male, demonstrably graphic susceptible in the AM, to watch the more mature and wizened haircuts divine.

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