Give Me Big Hunk & Banana

No, I’m not referring to Graham and Kasich, dark hoss* candidates for President. That is something to think about, however, it is way to early in the paragraph for digressions, but I will leave that to you to decide, what do you think, which Republican is seriously positioning themselves for a run for President, going to Europe, having affairs with their hair? Wait, wrong partay, which one is seriously shining shoes and glad handing national park and off shore drilling permits, not for the oil oil, but for the political capital of exploiting one goo into two? Well, stuff like that. So should I digress?

OK then, moving right along to health care reform, which apparently is going to exclude Occam’s single payer as being way too socialistic an enterprise for an American government, which is so incompetent it can design systems of management that land men on the moon and build and maintain an interstate highway system, fund and field one of the largest standing armed forces to ever grace the face of the Earth, and maintains and supports some of the largest industrial arms manufacturers in the world. Yeah, way too socialistic already for me too.

So public option means that the inept bureaucracy will have to compete with the finely honed, lean mean fighting machines of the private industry. That ain’t no whup, but it will interfere with the pharmaceutical companies free speech rights to peddle their drugs prescribe my medications on my television, so I can tell my doctor what I want too! I can see it crushing my dreams of dying of old age while making viagra induced, extended extenzed extention love now. One, just one, tale of American woe with health care reform.

* western talk for horse

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