Alas, A Post

There are so many things I could write about, why they would just “boggle” the “so called” “minds” of the purveyors boner enhancements and other good clean American fun stuff on television and radidio. I can empathize with the media elite to some extent, who while pretending to dislike bloggers who point out their wanks actually use it as leverage with their bosses when discussing their crappy ratings. Sort of like why I don’t go to quiencieras, they’re always speaking English at those things and so what’s the point of going to a quienciera if your not going to be allowed to not be able to conjugate verbs and be the center of everyone else’s conversation?

The toughest project is writing for the fourth time or so, about how you too may become a wealthy Texas rancher on the internet – with options. The things I did back then to talk to Liz Cheney in the forums. That was way before her father starting shooting wealthy Texas ranchers on the real things too, so maybe ol’ Dick was sending a subliminal message, like my old password for the WaPo’s forum, 5t1ll4s0n0f4b1tch.

That’s the nice thing about getting older, I can go outside and cogitate.

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