Flash Fires Aug 6-8, 2007

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Er..Elvis has left the building

EU Considers Retaliatory Online Registration

In response to a new US security law that makes flying to America less convenient for Europeans, the EU is mulling a similar regulation. Visa-free travel may be replaced by a ‘visa lite’ regime among friendly nations. …

The US law, which President George W. Bush approved last week, belongs to a wide-ranging security bill set in motion after the events of September 11. Travelers from countries which cooperate with the US in the visa-waiver program — mostly Western European nations, including 15 of the 27 EU member states — will be asked to register online and fill out questionnaires as many as two days before departure. The questions include trip itineraries and planned personal or professional meetings. The passengers will then need clearance from the US government before they board a plane.

I’ll fax this to the Guardian ASAP

Land Rush for Rich People

Ethanol Is Feeding Hot Market for Farmland

The craze for corn to feed the demand for ethanol as a renewable energy source has been a bonanza for many farmers in the American Midwest. But with the demand has come a skyrocketing of real estate prices that threaten to keep smaller and newer farmers from joining the party.

So called Farmers are said to be using their Farm subsidy checks to purchase these lands for the purpose raising the price of food, under the guise of creating a sustainable fuel supply, in lieu of continued opposition to solyent green.

I guess the old saw grass saw has seen it’s last mention.

US Developes Ultimate Precsion Bombs

Washinghands PC

The Pentangle has announced the deployment of it’s super duper double top secret with a shhhh Ultimate Precision Ordinance. Acording to General Abbaddon the new weapon contains highly sophisticated shrapnel that avoids hitting women, children and small farm animals when dropped by pilots from two to a hundred and two thousand feet.

We are a Christian nation, pResident Bushco said, and so we are deploying these weapons in the name of God for the sake of the Christ.

“During the course of the operation, the assault force and the overhead aerial support observed a vehicle and large group of armed men on foot attempting an assault on the ground forces,” according to the statement.

It said air support was called and US aircraft killed an estimated 30 militants.

The military statement was issued after the Associated Press quoted Iraqi police as saying nine civilians, including two women, had been killed in the US operation in Sadr City.

A military spokesman said there had been women and children in the area during the raid, but denied any had died.

And then the band played on.

And Then There Was One

US uneasy as Britain plans for early Iraq withdrawal

The Bush administration is becoming increasingly concerned about the impact of an imminent British withdrawal from southern Iraq and would prefer UK troops to remain for another year or two. …

The Bush administration – focused on the north, west and central Iraq and the “surge” strategy that has seen 30,000 extra US troops deployed – has until recently ignored the south, content to leave it to the British. Now, however, it is beginning to pay attention to the region, amid the realisation that what has been portrayed as a success story is turning sour.

The UK government no longer claims Basra is a success but denies it is a failure, with British troops forced to abandon Basra city for the shelter of the airport.

As per this post and Col. Langes observations, and of course Johnny Cash’s song, Folsom Prison,

I see the train a’comin’
it’s rolling down the track
headed for the train wreck
in the so called war in Iraq.

Meanwhile back at the ranchero arbusto del Iraqueros, …

Berlin, Germany 1938

Welcome to America Pretty close in many ways,

Somewhere in central Los Angeles, about 20 miles from LAX airport, there is a nondescript building housing a detention facility for foreigners who have violated US immigration and customs laws. I was driven there around 11pm on May 3, my hands painfully handcuffed behind my back as I sat crammed in one of several small, locked cages inside a security van. I saw glimpses of night-time urban LA through the metal bars as we drove, and shadowy figures of armed security officers when we arrived, two of whom took me inside. The handcuffs came off just before I was locked in a cell behind a thick glass wall and a heavy door. No bed, no chair, only two steel benches about a foot wide. There was a toilet in full view of anyone passing by, and of the video camera watching my every move. No pillow or blanket. A permanent fluorescent light and a television in one corner of the ceiling. It stayed on all night, tuned into a shopping channel. … As it turned out, I was to spend 26 hours in detention. My crime: I had flown in earlier that day to research an innocuous freelance assignment for the Guardian, but did not have a journalist’s visa.

This is a hoot. Imagine if they were from a non-ally, or worse yet, imagine it happened to a CNNer at Heathrow. Hard to imagine because it only happens in totalitarian countries, countries that are afraid of the people.

Now, why is our government afraid of the people? I mean are they paranoid, guilty, or does someone just hate it for no good reasons. Before answering the questions, may I see your papers Komrade?

Oh Aren’t They Clever Boys

Notes on the Failure in Iraq:

We do not see clearly.

In Basra the British have been defeated by the local interests of the several Iraqi Shia factions and their militias. Their assumption that southern Iraq was a reproduction of the counter-insurgency environment of Ireland has been proven wrong. The Shia militias are far stronger and more virulently anti-Western than “the boys” ever were. The depth of popular support for these militias is overwhelming. Those who are taking the Crystolian path of rejoicing in the success of the “surge” in central Iraq have little to say of how the US is going to cope with the British loss of southern Iraq to Shia militia control….

This, for all you very serious people, and reporters of the MSM, is the supply lines to US Forces in Baghdad.

In this situation of competition among Fadhila, the Maliki government, Dawa (to the extent that it is separate from Maliki), the Sadrists, and ISCI (SCIRI), Iran is doing well in a skilled game of playing off one group against another to ensure that there will not be a clear victor. This should be seen as reflective of a realistic analysis of Iranian state interests. In an idealized world Iran would seek only the victory of the Shia community without regard for its own future ability to manipulate the situation, but, this is not an idealized world. This is the other of the two worlds, the one in which countries still exist and have interests.

I think Mr. Lang is trying to inform people of some salient facts here, those people I assume that actually care about using facts to base decisions on, and not some eco-ideo- illogical BS used for reporting, or distorting, depending on ones ties to the government or paperclips.

Hey General Petraeus, Wake Me When September Ends

Whoops!! Hold the presses. It wasn’t 14,030 weapons. It was 190,000 assault rifles. And who was in charge of this fucked up effort? General David Petraeus. The Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler reported this weekend that:

The United States has spent $19.2 billion trying to develop Iraqi security forces since 2003, the GAO said, including at least $2.8 billion to buy and deliver equipment. But the GAO said weapons distribution was haphazard and rushed and failed to follow established procedures, particularly from 2004 to 2005, when security training was led by Gen. David H. Petraeus, who now commands all U.S. forces in Iraq.

So the man who ignored the death squads and the ethnic cleansing is now the guy who armed the insurgents? All that is left to learn is how the good General managed to convince AQinM to attack the Sunni Tribesmen and so cause them to ally themselves with American forces against themselves, which I suppose will be a story saved for the good General’s book and co written with a modern reporter of the MSM, because it really will be approaching propaganda levels even the generals can’t match.

Anyway, read the comments too.

And in an effort to be Broderlishiously bi-partisham correct, Murtha crawfishes on Open and Honest government.

For those of you wonder why the blogging has been so light and sporadic, I don’t do organized crime blogging, which is pretty much what the MSM and government collusion’s are amounting to.

On the bright side, this is not a system needing over thrown, but just lime thrown on its’ carcass to keep these maggots from becoming flies.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Monday, August 6, 2007

Mr. Silber Blogs

Blinded by the Story: Liberals and Progressives as Political Creationists

Please note — and I underscore this point at least five times for emphasis — that I absolutely do not include those individuals who so tirelessly work for Democratic electoral victory among those Americans who truly value liberty or peace. The criminal who currently resides in the White House and his fellow gang members may have taken the lead in destroying the remnants of our freedoms — but they were supported and enabled every step of the way by the “opposition” party. From the Patriot Act, through both Authorizations for the Use of Military Force, and on to the monstrous Military Commissions Act, the Democrats offered enthusiastic support for the metastasizing authoritarian state or, when they meekly attempted to slow the tide, they fought in the manner of a skeletally thin imitation of a human being, about to fall over and finally expire due to a fatal lack of moral and spiritual nourishment.

Why, I do believe Mr. Silber has a point here. There is a distinction between Democrats and the Democratic Party to be made, but the difficulty in American politics is to place the heads of the two family syndicates between the blades of the two party scissors. This is what Unity 08 purports to be doing, while saving the headless torsos for the Frankensteinian heads of their own choosing.

The Democrats and their wholly-owned subsidiary (and one occasionally wonders if and to what extent they are compensated, financially and/or in terms of promised “influence,” for their diligent and conscientious efforts), the much-lauded liberal-progressive “netroots” — which is to say, bloggers of the kind represented by Atrios, Digby and their fellow travelers on this road leading straight to hell — make much of the authoritarian approach and style of the current “conservative” movement. To be sure, today’s conservatives manifest certain distinctive characteristics (which I have discussed in some detail myself, as in this post about David Brooks and one of his intellectual forebears, Joseph de Maistre). But in terms of the most critical fundamental principles, there is no difference whatsoever between the Republicans and the Democrats as institutions of power in the U.S. political system as it has developed over the last hundred years.

Now Mr. Silber hits a nerve with me, although it is somewhere along the calf. I have never noted either one to support this sort of government power, and since they weren’t around when the blogs weren’t around I have no way of telling exactly what they think about this problem, nor the solution to it, which solutions can also be said to be lacking from Silber et al of the Libertarian persuasions.

In fact one of the biggest drawbacks of the political discourse now, besides the MSM, is the lack of any way out of the vortex of the Rubicon. Democracy and rule of law can only be made to work when all the laws are enforced and adjudicated equally by all three branches of the government. This is and has hardly been the case from the founding of the Republic to begin with, and the seeds of destruction planted in that revolution are coming to fruition in our own times. We are a nation of children of the Founding Father’s hypocrisy, and so we have the strains of enlightened idealism and pragmatic convienience at our disposal to use against one another without ever presuming that they should apply or be applied to our ownselves.

We might be ruled by the mob within Washington Dc, or we may ruled by the mob without, but we shall never be governed by the current system established under the Constitution. Until we all understand that the Founding Fathers were wrong and the Constitution has failed to deliver on it’s objective of government by the people for the people, we shall not come to a solution of the problem Mr. Silber might articulate, yet not resolve.

That this may appear to be radical in its’ assertion is only so if one were to notice that no other science has failed to advance itself in two hundred and fifty years but that of political science in America. We may either cut some new pants from new cloth or continue to strive to fit into the short pants of our youth, as noted by Mr. Jefferson himself, but we should not be amazed or disheartened by the fact that we have people constantly becoming aware of the rivet in the crotch of those pants when standing near the fire of human government.

That being the case, then we have no alternative other than to use the tools of free speech to convince the voters to unelect the mob of DC through the ballot box, or a Constitutional convention that redefines American democracy from the ground up. I see neither of these things happening in the faint hearts of that once brave people.

via Antiwar

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