Ther’s No Time Like No Time July 30-31, 2007

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

As Goes Senate Bill 1 (SB-1)

So Go Them All

Lobbying reform has been one of the top priorities in the new, Democratic Congress — in fact it was the first bill introduced, S. 1, in the Senate. But a funny thing happened on the way to actually passing that reform. Although it passed the Senate on January 18th, by a vote of 96-2 (Coburn and Hatch, if you’re wondering), and a reform bill passed the House on May 24th by a vote of 396-22 (1 present — Hulshof, if you’re wondering), no further movement on the bill has been possible. Why not? Because Republicans in the Senate have filibustered the motion to go to conference.

I put the yada yada first this time, did you notice?

This has of course been getting a lot of attention in the Unity oh eats, er 08, movement and probably emboldens the, “do nothing Congress,” remarks of the pResident and a host of other hosts who are decrying I tell ya, decrying, the inability of Congress to get any legislation passed.

I still wonder at the ability of those who aver that the federal government that cannot function and defend the borders from nefarious Mexican farm laborers, stop lead painted trains from China on time, or move a trailer with a bag ice into New Orleans given two years to do so, all under a conservative pResident, can somehow manage to fight two wars half way around the world at ten times the estimated costs of the very responsible and conservative estimators.

These guys ought to run banks.

Victory Through Bow Ties

I used to think I watched too much TV, but last night I was watching Tucker when this occurred, which of course wasn’t on another network, and had two Democratic consultants, or as they are known there abouts, Democratic concern trolls.

I don’t watch enough of ol Tucker to really comment on his work, at least since he quit showing up on Sunday mornings in his Paul Simons bow ties, but since when has that ever been an issue?

At any rate he reminds me of half a bottle of Glen Beck.

Oh yeah, the yada yada.

The Other Side of the Iraqi Coin

While a soccer game can and has changed the mood of the American people, (always without manipulation of the press, always,) who have celebrated Iraqis celebrating the winning of the Asian Cup, the facts on the ground remain the same;

1. The slowing of body counts in Baghdad is not a consequence of less sectarian strife; instead, the effectiveness of the death squads and ethnic/sectarian cleansing has reduced the number of targets.

2. Moqtada al Sadr’s control of police and intelligence organs is pretty extensive. He’s biding his time and smartly avoiding a direct confrontation with US forces. There is zero evidence that Moqtada is backing down or backing away.

3. The Sunni controlled forces are doing a better job of defending their sectors. That is true. But Al Qaeda is not the main threat and never has been. But the units in charge in the Sunni sectors out west are not ready and willing to join arm-in-arm with Shia units and work for the benefit of Iraq.

It can and does go down hill from there if you read the post.

I would surmise that there are many battles won by tactical, and even some with strategic brilliance, but for the most part wars appear to be won by those who make the fewest miscalculations on the battle fronts, or Murphy’s Law. I’m pretty sure that makes me a bad general, but a good anti war activist.

I can’t help but note how many people are not antiwar, just anti this or that war, depending on their best guess as to the outcome of that war and their chances of being in someones line of fire, forgetting I suppose, that the people that get whacked have lost the war no matter the outcome of the conflict.

The rest of us may be wounded by words, or the political activities of the powerful, or the black bagging of the intelligence and media creeps, but so long as there is life there is hope, which war removes irrevocably from the dead.

I may be parsing the words to tightly, but anyone who isn’t antiwar is insane.

Your Liberal Media at Work

For those of you who never passed through Houston and saw Marvin Zindler then you missed a real trip. He is one of the first muck rakers I can remember. One of the former reporters for KPRC in Houston was Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson, (R-TX,) whom Marvin showed the ropes to at the Sherrifs office where he was employeed at the time. I think in the end there is no liberal media, just a media with liberals and conservative working for them, excepting for one national media outfit.

Robin Roberts, You Can Do It!

It is a scary proposition to face cancer of any sort, but you can and will beat this thing. Our family’s thoughts and prayers are with you and yours. May God bless you and keep you.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Learning to Love the Surge

For all the ballyhooing about Petraeus’ surge report, there won’t be any withdrawal any time soon so don’t expect one.

I for one can’t imagine why we even put up with the pretense any more, if some of you did, as it has been noted by Atrios about a zillion times, there isn’t going to be any withdrawal as long as Bush is in office.

Nor will there be any impeachments, accountability that counts, nor any other functions performed by this government that would even approach accountability to the people. The mob doesn’t work that way folks.

Things may be looking up for the Iraqi soccer team, and I for one wish the Iraqi’s would get their act together and do the Rodney King thing, so Mr. Bush could declare victory and bring the troops home. After five years we can be thankful I suppose that the military of the US is finally showing signs of making progress with the counter insurgency that is approximately, oh, about five years old. Kumbaya.

The real deal is the CYAing going on, which is of course a necessary exercise for the wise men and women that got us into this mess, or perhaps more apropos, it took a village of idiots, whom must now quote the latest manufactured intelligence to remind everyone how serious intelligent the idiots are.

The surge has given the War Party a new breathe of fresh wind to blow against the antiwar parties, because our rhetoric is somehow at fault for all the ills and dangers internally to our society and government, and not at all the responsibility of those who initiated the war and used politics as bludgeon against the opposition. I tend to want to believe them since they keep reassuring me that they are the grown ups and very serious people that shouldn’t be called tools.

We do indeed live in interesting times, since in former times the custom was for the victors to write the history, and now, alas, the losers are doing so even as we speak. Again I think this has to do with a self esteem issue for those who were so self assured and righteous five years ago, now having fallen flat on their faces in such high profile public places, are of necessity scape goating we uns for having the temerity of being correct. I suppose that should be tolerable since I was right, and don’t have the red face of the pontificators of superior Americana.

Along the way of course we have been regaled with the spectacle of the illustrious leadership ignoring the Constitution, playing fast with the rules, and corruption being exposed on the scale of World War II without a whisper of outrage from any of the responsible people, since, as noted, that isn’t how the mob works.

Over The Moon Shot & Other Tricks for Cows

I write this post with some trepidation of going overly negative on the the three letter folks, being the MSM this time, given the parameters of allowable news in America, which is the government spins out what it wishes people to hear, and the corporations cut staffs and salaries to the point that no one is looking into the veracity of the spin which could become a unified theory of propaganda propagation’s.

For those two readers finding this, I noted that Friday Sunday on Wolf Blitzer’s Situation Room Late Edition that neither Blunt nor Harmon would answer the question about cheese being used for political purposes by the Department of Homeland Security, which both answered by covering it with piles of manure about this that and the other yada yada, we are being so Broderefficly Bi-partisanshippy anti-terroristically wonder breadfully yours, but failing to answer the question after two or three efforts by Wolf. (Who thinks these things up anyway, Homeland Security sounds so contrived, and given the inevitable next terrorist explosion, stupid. No wonder it involved cheese.)

So, short of Wolf grabbing the peoples Representatives by the cajones and squeezing the Gitmo out of them, there is no way a reporter can actually do their job as I perceive their job being. This may very well be the reason why reporters just read the press releases from the various governments and so we the people are duly informed of the propaganda and not the facts, which one would imagine allows the government employees and elected officials to carry on with business as usual without any interference from the democratic or republican formulations of their charters. That stuff is so, so, not overclass friendly anyway.

Given the sheeples tendencies to dislike all Congress creeps but their own, this attitude will not change given a little collusion from friendlies in the media, which is basically how things are set up now. So I don’t see me going off on the MSM as it is too generic a term and there are specific wankers that are obviously tools of their friends in high places. This too is probably attributable to basic human nature on some reporters and pundits, having been given a little tidbit once and awhile, to reciprocate, when it comes to something along the lines of the super double top secret with a little cover up of a personal nature.

On the other hand the game of politics is the game of politics, and so Larry King is going to have the kinder, gentler Dick, head of OVP on for some tough questions, and answers to others, we have become accustomed to from that medium and those people. I suppose along with Rove’s, “it’s the corruption stupid,” meme, we are seeing the rehabilitation of the Republican’t Party lines of a kinder gentler fascism, although not as kind and gentle to the little people as the Demorats kind and gentle fascism. But we are all at the service of the state, and the state is what it tells the reporters to tell we the people what it is, because the people basically want to believe in something. So this will have to do.

In that regard, then, we are no longer a free people, enslved as we are to peer pressure and the economic manipulations that liberty has bestowed on those with it, leaving the people with no way of obtaining either knowledge of themselves or the world inwhich they live with another way out. This is the danger of the internet in particular and the blogs in real particular, because there is no authority over them from the peer or economic networks, unless the individual blogger wishes there to be so. I choose not to be so. That is why you come here and read this stuff.

Still, I don’t see any reason for calling stupid people stupid as it adds nothing and detracts much from what those people are already saying anyway. Listening to O’Reilly I can hardly imagine that my American born of an American mother father would listen to his BS more than once, before concluding he had other things to do than listen to that moron. I should be so wise.

It is because we have sunk to this low that the President can go on national television and declare to the world that people that bomb and kill innocent people are evil, and can’t be negotiated with, even as his own war planes and those of the American proxies are busy doing the same thing, without even raising an eyebrow among reporters or audience. But then again, it is a perfect example to use for conveying the reality of the situation, that being, if the President doesn’t even listen to himself speak then why should I? There is a question reporters ought to ask themselves as well.

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